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Mentor, OH
reply to LazMan

Re: Jailbreaking cell phones to become ILLEGAL at midnight

said by LazMan:

The lock is to prevent consumers from ripping off cell phone carriers...

Your handset is subsidized... To buy a iPhone 5 outright, for instance, is about $700 - not the $50 that your carrier charges you, when you sign up for a 3 year deal. They count on that 3 year period to recoup the subsidy. Once your contract is expired, some carriers automatically unlock it, some allow you to unlock it for free or a nominal ($20-25) fee.

There are some pretty assinine laws out there - this is one I kind of agree with... It's pretty unfair to expect someone else to pickup the bulk of the cost of your phone, don't you think? And just 'cause it's a big, faceless company, doesn't change the basic principal...

If you don't want your phone to be locked to a specific carrier, then pay full freight up front, and buy an unlocked one outright.

T-mo supposedly will stop subsidizing phones. Meaning you pay full cost for the phone up front. Which gets you lower rates on service plans supposedly.

I recall a discussion a while back, about how in many parts of the world, a person buys the phone, and takes it to the carrier of their choice.
That the way we do it in the us isn't that common.
As I am not a world traveler, I don't know how true that is. But I thought that was a nifty ability. To be able to buy what ever phone you wanted, then selecting the service provider you wanted.

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