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Etobicoke, ON
reply to d4m1r

Re: SMTP Servers?

said by d4m1r:

Hey guys, I think I remember reading that Port 25 is the only port TSI actively blocks all traffic too, and that of course if the default outgoing SMTP email server port. I understand why they want to block it, but I still think its overkill and unnecessary as I doubt spammers will be using residential connections anytime soon when they have such easy access to "real" servers and their networks.

Anyway, my question is if someone wanted to setup a test email server at home I'm thinking they'd have 2 options to deal with the port 25 block....Either use TSI's SMTP servers for outbound mail or the Google's. Which would be better, why, and are there other free options? I don't want to change the default port however....

It is not overkill at all and using all those Windows zombie systems is still quite common for spammers originating from ISPs that still don't have a sane policy for dynamic IP netblocks.