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·Verizon FiOS
reply to Libra

Re: [WIN7] Help - I can't eject my External Harddrive

Yes: something is still using the drive

I don't mean to be flip, but the first error message you quoted gave the reason. The interesting question is what is still using the drive. Likely it's related to you opening it in the Backup&Restore app, but that's pure guesswork on my part.

I wouldn't sweat the 'removal' issue at this point, since you can always force it by shutting down the system. The more important question to my way of thinking is, do you have a usable backup image?

·Verizon FiOS
Hi dave,

I just couldn't understand why this happened, when it's never happened before. It seems it had to do with the Windows Backup - I never opened it, I looked at the info in Backup and Restore which showed I had created a backup (I also clicked on make a system image in order to see this information), I guess that did it.

Thank you for reminding me I can get out of the safely removal problem by rebooting the computer.

Unfortunately, I do not have a usable backup image. I was attempting to create the image with Windows Backup and it said it was successfully created, but I deleted it since there might have been some errors that could have been carried over.

I did make an image with Macrium Reflect 4 but it is my understanding that image cannot be put on a new hard drive. So, I have to start at the beginning.

Meanwhile, I looked over some of my notes when I first set up this laptop and also after sending it in and they updated the bios. I had many bsod's where Event viewer showed the computer wasn't shut down properly. I have no idea why this kept happening but auggy helped me to update some drivers and the laptop was working quite well, until it needing a new hard drive. I saved the updated driver files so I'm planning to look in device manager and if the drivers are older than what I have I'll update them.

Sincerely, Libra