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reply to frivolous

Re: Routing Problems

said by frivolous:

Considering for the past 8 or so months that i have had service (that worked)- my ping to this server (a game server i run) is usually 15 or so , 55 is really high, - then when you take into consideration i am being routed through GERMANY?!?! at and i would say my routing is a problem - thank you for any help!

Those are Tiscali-owned IP addresses; but the nationality of the owner does not indicate the actual location of the router. ' []' looks like it is in Los Angeles, California; and, in any case, latency to Europe from the U.S. West Coast would be closer to 200 ms than the 26 ms to 77 ms of your trace.

There is no law requiring that European-owned companies can't run routers in the U.S., or that they must not use RIPE IP addresses on their hardware.
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