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Montreal, QC
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Re: Getting 7 mbps on 6 mbps package DSL + cable modem question

You are so lucky. I envy you. Initially I had 5Mbps profile (gave is 6Mbps), which went real 5Mbps after I moved to dry loop and 6months after that I ended up with a 3Mbps line. Have contacted TS a few times and they get away with saying that it is line quality and they can't get Bell to do anything unless I agree to pay!! Plus they always plug-in the DSL technology as being "up to 6Mbps" connection.


I'm actually not looking for more speed. 5 or 7 is fine for me, they both work with streaming even in high quality on Netflix.

What I do want though is to be able to get a Voip phone without having to pay an extra $10+/month for a dry loop. Since I can't do this, I'd have to switch to cable 18. In this case, might as well if you're gonna get the higher speed for paying more instead of spending it on a dry-loop.

Would anyone have cable modem recommendations (assuming I should buy it from TSI?).


Nepean, ON
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VoIP doesn't use much bandwidth. All you need is 0.064Mbps (both up and down). For VoIP, latency and reliability are far more important factors. Ooma uses redundancy, so it should be more robust when packet loss is high (during high congestion time on cable for instance). In theory at least; I've never used Ooma myself.