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[DD-WRT] IPv6 Ready and proformance issues?

I use a Linksys WRT54GL v1.1 with a very old and apparently performance hindering build of DD-WRT. With the news that Comcast has rolled out IPv6 or will soon, across all of their network, I'm looking to upgrade to the newest and stable version of DD-WRT for my current router (and a build that has IPv6 support built into it). What would that build be and what do I need to know to make the upgrade? Can I just update to the newest build and have everything work or do I have to do anything special? With the upgrade, would I lose all my custom settings?

I'm also wondering just how far I can push this router with the next speed upgrade (50/10) Has anyone gotten 50/10 or at least close to it using DD-WRT? Or will I max out around 32-36 or so?


The WRT54GL hardware is incapable of much more than 30Mbps regardless of the firmware, because the LAN and WAN ports are all fed by a single 100Mbps ethernet interface.

DD-WRT's IPv6 support is notoriously abysmal. The only answer you'll get is "we turned on the kernel module, you can implement the rest."

I'm currently using a WNDR3800 running OpenWRT with Comcast IPv6, and that works pretty well.

Also, the current line of Linksys routers all support IPv6 in the stock firmware. Presumably they test it with Comcast, but I haven't tried one myself: