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Caveat Emptor
Earth Orbit
reply to Skit112

Re: New system advice please

I'm not sure where you're getting $1700--I have $1429.87 with the cheaper mobo, $1,553.82 with the Thunderbolt motherboard.

• This amount of money is an awful lot to spend to only get a single 670. At that price, I would be looking at more from the GPU.
• Mobo: That Thunderbolt mobo is way too expensive. I think there is an MSI mobo with Thunderbolt under $200. If you want that connectivity, go for it--if not, I'd go for the Asrock.
• Ram: Don't spend more money on higher ram. Get 1.5v 1600 ram and then OC it. BuildaPC likes Samsung ram because it OCs well.
• Case is personal preference. I like Corsair, Rosewill, and Cooler Master.
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