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Nepean, ON
reply to TypeS

Re: They pick up quick, but I might as well talk to hold music

said by TypeS:

You have been proven wrong by not just me in this thread already. I am not putting words in your mouths. As I said, go re read what you have posted.

Quote? Or we can just drop this and let you save some face.
said by TypeS:

But now that you admitted you were quite emotional in your posts before weekend, lets leave it at that.

More reading issues, I "phrased the to get an emotional response" hoping that the "squeaky wheel gets the grease". Successful, no, but there's more people aware of my concerns than if I just kept pestering them privately on the phone.

I was angry, but I did what I could to present my situation completely hoping for a resolution.

Step back and read what's there, not what you'd like to see.

said by TypeS:

You've also said you're working with TekSavvy to get your issues resolved.

I said it in another thread, patience is best way to avoid making a technical situation worse when Rogers decides to drop the ball with a TekSavvy account. Or when a TekSavvy CSR forgets to mention something or mentions something in error. In the latter, TekSavvy is more than willing their correct their own mistakes.

TekSavvy's mistakes and lack of resolutions is what brought me here in the first place.
TekSavvy is the one billing me, I'd love for them to fight for me, I resent it when they deny responsibility for what they're charging me, then point me where I have no voice.