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Mount Airy, MD
reply to wftomlin1

Re: Home Fusion disconnects

FWIW, Verizon advised me today that a firmware update will be launched towards the end of February that corrects a known disconnect (provisioning) issue associated with the Home Fusion Cantenna. I love my 4G. I'll love it more when it stays connected .


united state
I don't have homefusion nor 4g in my area yet but I have been researching it and reading all about these disconnect issues. It does seem like firmware could be the issue and I hope that new update will fix it. If the service worked fine for months then started dropping then I'd say software/firmware is to blame. I want homefusion because it's the only option other than satellite. I currently have a MIFI but I'm hoping the homefusion setup will pull in a stronger signal. Can anyone comment on their phone signal and how good 4g signal is through the home fusion setup? I get 2 bars of 3g and my speeds vary from 200-800Kbps on my MIFI.
Maybe just a coincidence but I remember when I got my first 4g phone(Motorola Bionic), it too had dropped data issues and a reboot was the only way to fix it. My Droid RAZR has them occasionally too but its rare. Almost seems like homefusion is going through the same growing pains.

Mount Airy, MD
My Galaxy Note 2 indicates a 4G signal of -70 dbm next to my cantenna and never disconnects. The Home Fusion signal has 5 out of 5 bars lit up and disconnects. Many of my disconnects have been associated with when Verizon analyzes my usage. Kinda funny. As soon as my Home Fusion disconnects, I know my usage has been updated.

DO NOT trust these people. We've had a nightmare all day today. We ordered this thing, being told they would come in and install. They sent out a guy who came in and asked us how our house was wired, didn't know where to put the router, disconnected our DirecTV splitter, connected some power to a cable, ran out of my house saying "I smell smoke, I did something wrong". Came in and said "it's okay now", hooked up the Homefusion, made sure the computers were working, and literally ran out of my house. We were shocked. He was just gone ... poof! Of course now, our entire DirecTV system is out. We called him on the cell he called us to get directions from, and his answer was "I don't know what's wrong". We've been trying to get someone out all day to check to 1) make sure we don't have a wire burning in the wall and 2)to fix what he broke. This is a nightmare. Verizon punts to Centurion, Centurion refuses to let us speak to a manager, and Verizon has had us on hold constantly. This is horrible!!!!

Thanks for your updates, I appreciate the information. I was told by Verizon today 'we've been on this disconnection problem for two months that some users are experiencing' and efforts on a fix was mentioned in their logs as recently as two weeks ago (1/15/13). The tech rep also said 'we are new at this: these questions used to go to some call centers... now they go to others.'


Edgewood, TX
I'm about to call in and tell them to give me discount for them using a crappy hardware vendor. I'm not supposed to be paying for multiple disconnects per day because of bad firmware and or hardware.

I don't know who designed the HF hardware, but it's horrible. It's basically two routers that are bridged together with very little customization. You can't change the IP subnet, unlike what you can with other routers from other vendors.

The router and radio should have been one box with the Cantenna being a RF amp and highgain antenna. Would have been easier to work with.

Hopefully, the coming firmware update will fix this problem and possibly add more customizing features to the router.. Doubtful thou...

I hope an upgrade will come soon cause HF is a great home service gaming is so smooth for me.


Tucson, AZ
reply to DesertOne
Conclusion: Verizon Home-Fusion Problems - Product Inoperable

Observations from 22 Days of Verizon & Homeowner Efforts
Dates: Jan 17- Feb 6, 2013
Location: Tucson, AZ near Prince Rd & Soldier Trail Rd, stated by Verizon to be “in a very good 4G zone for reception, one mile from the cell phone tower supplying the 4G service”

Sales: Verizon store personnel didn’t know how to complete sales documentation, having sold very few units

Installation: well-trained, responsive, polite installer

The Cantenna: four different ones were replaced, all but one failed to maintain an internet connection longer than 12 hours, breaking connection (and failing to reconnect until power cycled via unplugging) up to eight times a day

The Router: twice replaced, no observations

The Tech Support:

- multiple failed attempts stopped cold at the Verizon main phone number (disconnected, wrong extension, Spanish language, etc.)

- first level technical personnel could offer only two interventions: unplug the cantennae or unplug the cable router; they had no other information available of any kind

- second level technical support were surly and had no further assistance

- third level (“trouble ticket”) personnel had access to the network functioning in the area but their interventions were also limited to hardware replacement or rebooting; they pointed towards ‘a drive around’ to access 4G reception in the area but could not schedule same within install time frames, ‘or for several weeks’

- when asked the third time via different technical support personnel, the Company agreed to extend the 14 day window of free use of the product for another 14 days; customer ended effort at 22 days having no confidence in the product nor the technical support and having spent nearly thirty hours trouble-shooting the devices

The Internet Connection:

- speeds as advertised, but wildly variable on ping, download and upload, and showing many spikes on graphs suggesting poor connections; no Verizon personnel had access to devices nor online data that could pinpoint and remedy the problems


united state
A guy over on the verizon forum is saying he got a firmware update.

The new HBA Firmware version


still on here in East Texas.

Mine is now too.


give us an update on if you still get disconnects. I've tried unplugging power to the HBA and waited 15 mins and it didn't pickup any new firmware. I guess new firmware is being rolled out by region.


Bay, AR
Remove power to both the router and Cantenna for a few minutes or just go into the Settings and force a HBA restart through that. I live in NorthEast Arkansas and I believe I got the update Wednesday night when my internet shut off and I did a HBA reboot. I am on firmware right now and have to say, I can already tell a difference on how the router works. I got a good 20ms ping decrease on my games (was running ~120ms ping, now running 90-100ms ping). Don't know if it was the firmware update or not, but my pings weren't that low before my internet went out.

Ill update if the firmware is working for me in few days. but yes pings are better weird lol.

Mount Airy, MD
reply to LTE4LIFE
I was told the firmware update was approved on 3/12 and being rolled out based on the length of time you've had the device. I've had mine since last June and received the update on 3/15. With that being said, I noticed a 4 gig spike in my usage that day. And unless a deer or squirrel was tapping into my bandwidth, I couldn't justify where it came from. The Verizon rep said that the update could have caused the spike and credited 4 gigs back to my account.

Time will tell if this update stabilizes my connection. Pings are slightly better. Upload speeds are not as good. Download speeds seem a bit slower. But the demand could be causing that issue. Maybe I'm paranoid from my satellite days when the provider would throttle connections with these updates.


I posted this update on the Verizon forum...

My connection dropped again today in the middle of a WebEx. It took 13 minutes to reconnect on its own - I did not reboot HF. My iPad had 4G LTE connectivity while HF was down and trying to reconnect. My firmware upgrade occurred on 3/16. Since the upgrade I have had drops on: 3/17, 3/19, 3/20 and 3/22. Prior to the upgrade I had drops on: 3/8 and 3/14. Today, I called Verizon Support to inform them that my HF connectivity appears to be worse after the upgrade and it is not as stable as my iPad. They said they were not aware of this issue and would get back to me.