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Oceanside, NY
reply to Xtreme2damax

Re: [Northeast] High pings / bad routing...

Hi I just wanted to add to this even though I left FiOS... I was having this problem back in july (»speednet grade of F) and I alerted the FSC as well as got in contact with NYCDave. I was shocked and upset about the help and response I got. First of all they saw there was a problem and they sent techs to my house to investigate with NYCDave in communication with the techs that were there.. when they got there they immediately thought it was the router even the the router was a brand new revision I they were also kind of rude and were just worrying about getting to lunch. Well what happened after was what really got me annoyed while NYCDave was talking to the tech he had them set the router back to defaults and then he said he would see if the problem resolved. Well it turned out that it did.. however the real problem has to do with what happened next. I was told that the reason the problem happened was because I logged into the router and added one DHCP reservation for my iMac I wanted it to always be but I was shocked to find out that Verizon said that the small change I made could make my FiOS service not work properly. Immediately once the techs heard I made that one DHCP reservation they packed up and left my house with wires all over and an unconnected router. I asked them what is going on.. I said why can't I make one small change a change that anyone with a little bit of tech suaveness could do and may do especially if I was a business they said one change and we can't help you. It turns out that making one simple change can mess up your set up... so be warned. FiOS lost my business to Optimum who by the way will help you no matter what router or configuration you have.


Port Byron, NY
Well I can assure you and Verizon that it's nothing to do with my router configuration. Already tried resetting the router to factory defaults as well as rebooting both the router and ont.