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FACTS only please
Norwalk, CA

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reply to nfotiu

Re: New TV Package: Select HD

said by nfotiu:

I really like the idea of this, but they are ditching at least 20 dollars of carriage fees by taking out those sports channels, probably closer to 30.

It should really be at least 20-30 dollars cheaper than Prime.

that's my real concern. my subscription is up, according to me and the web site(long story last time I called in and bitch they gave me a discount of 5 until may this year and according to the CSRs my plan is not up until may ? )

so anyway, it looks like my prime plan is going up 15.00 dollars 5.00 for the first 3 months and the rest after.

so I see a new article by accident about this new plan, go check it out(thier web site won't let me look at it as long as I'm logged in, figures) and notice it's 5.00 cheaper than my current OLD price but they dropped some channels that are not spot related, and one or 2 are my wife's "like" channels

so I'm totally confused, I also waited online with a tech to turn off my multi room feature as I'm going to send back 2 more boxes, when he hung up it was supposed to send me back to the original lady that was going to give me a discount. so that probably went out the window. now need to ck if they really dropped the multi room

remaining just as confused and pi--- at Verizon as ever.

they took out CSPAN is that not a free must carry channel for public service?

comedy central like it
spike once in a while it's ok
tnt """""""""""""""""""""""""""
travel so-so
vh1 classic & soul like it
we wife likes it