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[Speed] Bad Ping Fluctuation (Philadelphia)

This started a few days ago. Nothing in the network has changed.... I have a Motorola SB6121 modem, a Linksys WRT54G router (v5 with updated firmware), 2 computers on wireless and my computer wired. I get a C/D on pingtest with an occasional F or B; but almost never any packet loss.
I reset all my networking appliances but that didn't help much at all. Are there are tests I can do completely reassure myself that the problem is on RCN's end and not mine? I did a few "ping" (etc) tests in command prompt and in about one out of 2/3 tests, there was a ping spike that tripled or quadrupled (ex: 40,38,159,52).
So I'm really sure the problem is with RCN. I called twice and they "sent" a signal to my modem but nothing happened in the end.

Encoded Mac: 15f2328bae9d371b76d4dcc60acfc7757ff0146c


Well, the problem was gone this morning, but it's now back. I'm going to assume this is a peak-hour problem for RCN? Horrible ping all Saturday and Sunday, and 6pm onwards on Monday (today).

All this started about the time I noticed I had the "Mach 20" upgrade. So I pay more involuntarily, sure, I get faster internet, but that means nothing to me since I was completely content with 15mb/s with my old standard pings....
Did they physically change something with the upgrade? Or put more homes on a single "distribution"?