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I am thinking of becoming a new customer after reading all these reviews I am afraid... IF I SIGN UP i want what is going to be promised to me and I dont need or ask for a lot... What can you do to make sure I get what I want or need ? And I want something in writing that if not happy or do not get what I am told I can cancel without penalty...

Re: scared - you should be

Based on my experiences, I STRONGLY advise against doing business with Direct TV. I thought my credit card would protect me from an outrageous overcharge, but they found a way around that protection. They claim that they have issued a check for the overcharge and that my card company should not have reversed the overcharge. Now, I am supposed to reimburse them for a check that I have not received - and they can't produce a copy of it. I can't prove it, but this seems like fraud and harassment to me. At best, DIRECT TV has ineffective and inefficient business practices - at worst, it perpetrates fraud against people who make the mistake of doing business with them.


united state
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Re: scared

directv has good service but abuses it with overcharging you, and scamming you, keep your comcast, etc.

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I was thinking about leaving Comcast because of the cost but after reading reviews I'm going to stay with them. They have great service and DTV has no customer service. I'd rather pay more than deal with a headache of calling them every month.

Thanks to all for your reviews.
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