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Kirkland, QC

Installing DSL question


I'm thinking of switching to DSL ( to the 25/10 plan).

I live in an apartment building and was wondering what the bell technician needs access too.
I just wanted to let my land lord know since he probably won't be available during the day and was wondering if he could give me access.

It's my understanding that the bell technicians come sometime between 9 am and 9pm on the day of installation. Is that correct?


Oshawa, ON
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Depending on the Size of the building u may or may not have an IT room where the lines come in if you Do the bell tech needs access, To that room and your apartment to connect the wires the telecon guy would then need to Install a Potsplitter and connect up the modem.

If you do not have a IT room check outside for a Grey Box usally found on the hydro stack, if u have one of those that says BELL thats where the bell guy would bring your service to and telecon goes from there.

And the third possibility, it could feed direct Into the basement unit beside the hydro panel usually, Thus you need access to this area if thats the case.

Good Luck P:)
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