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Accokeek, MD
reply to AVonGauss

Re: IMAP Trial from XFINITY!

As you phrased it - poorly. IMAP4 support didn't mature until Outlook 2010 - where it was as hands-free as their POP3 support (which has ALWAYS been hands-free.

Boynton Beach, FL
It still could use a bit more work, imho. Comparing POP3 and IMAP though is really like comparing a carburetor and a fuel injection system - while both perform a similar basic function, how they go about it is completely different. Comcast might deserve a bit of chiding for no IMAP support to date, but Microsoft with their recently released Outlook.com that does not support IMAP is probably a far more deserving target.


Accokeek, MD
Again, the issue is smartphones/devices - not PCs or even Macs. The Outlook.com issue is even sillier because by default it uses the SAME mail protocol as Hotmail (which it is seeking to replace) - Exchange ActiveSync (which the Windows 8 Mail app supports , as does Outlook 2013). I have all three mail services (CHSI, Outlook.com, and GMail) on my Windows 8 desktop and use a SINGLE mail client with them all: Outlook 2013. However, no two mail services use the same protocol: POP3 with CHSI, EAS with Outlook.com, and IMAP4 with GMail. Outlook has no issues, either.