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Re: Called Bell to cancel, got unlimited 25down/25up no contract

said by shrug :

Wait 48-hrs and call Bell back to confirm everything.

While the pricing is ok, I believe that is a 12 or 24 month contract price for phone.

You will have to look into it after 48-hrs to confirm. Bell is known to screw people like this.

Also, the unlimited and special pricing is likely all conditional on the 3 services bundle. Drop one and prices increase on everything and you will likely lose the unlimited.

But call and confirm everything. Ask what happens if you cancel a service. Let us know.

Try to do it all in writing via Email and paste the reply. But Bell doesn't like to put stuff in writing when they screw people, so you will likely have to call anyhow.

I recorded the whole conversation (went on for 50 minutes) and made sure that the agent I talked to clearly stated that the plan is a no contract promotion and that I can cancel anytime I want. Will call back anyways and let you guys know.

North York, ON
Only way that's possible is if you're in an area that has FTTH installed, and they're going to install it for you.. Did you at least get an install date?
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