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Greenwich, CT
reply to MrFixit1

Re: Replacement temp probe for muti-meter

said by MrFixit1:

I would be leery of normal epoxy at that temp , most are only rated for 350-400 F , and are not the worlds best heat conductors .
For some reason JB weld is rated to 550 , and since it is metal filled " should " conduct heat better .

Any reason you can't use an IR thermometer ? Granted it would not be as accurate , but much easier .
When we had to take accurate temp readings of metal ( non molten ) , we would normally try for a solid mechanical connection of some kind . Bolted on , in a drilled well , soldered on ,etc .

Well I don't need it to be on the wheel long.. I need it for like 20-30 min and I need it to come off with somewhat ease, I have a IR thermometer but won't air currents between me and the part throw the reading off?

I just remembered I have high temp tape too.
It's NOT Ni-kon It's NE-KON!

LG is NOT Lifes Good It's Lucky Goldstar!


Madison, WI
"I have a IR thermometer but won't air currents between me and the part throw the reading off?"
Not really . You are measuring the IR waves given of by the object that you are measuring . Unless you have something solid between the object and the thermometer the waves are not stopped at normal measurement ranges .That is the reason you cannot take IR readings through glass , or my personal favorite , a new tech trying to read the temp of a submerged element through a liquid .
Think what I am trying to say is that a IR thermometer will read the temp of the first non air surface it sees .
As long as the air is not filled with particulates , the motion of the air will not matter .
Just remember that 10% accuracy is probably as good as you are going to get with an IR thermometer .

If you use the HT tape to hold the sensor in place , you may want to use some thermal compound , or a piece of metal foil , to ensure that all sides of the thermocouple junction see the same temp . Just holding the junction down with tape could , and I expect would , lead to a low reading .