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TSI Marc
Chatham, ON
reply to hm

Re: Opinions on Start.Ca Cable

said by hm :

said by sbrook:

If the problems are caused by an overcrowded cable segment, no ISP that uses Rogers last mile is immune (including Rogers themselves). And both Start and Teksavvy use Rogers cable.


I don't see these same speed issues in the Rogers forum Or Acanac's, or starts, or distributel. Seems to only be TSI.

It wouldn't be the first time TSI's links are over-saturated and congested while they continue to sell what they can't support and their forum mouth pieces flap their lips and play people. It's already been seen.

They have done this with Videotron reselling and Rogers reselling.

If it was as you stated, every Rogers reseller would have these slow downs. But it appears it's only TSI.

The guy should ask in the Start forum, »Start Communications if anyone there in his area code is suffering by slowdowns as well, and also ask in the Rogers forum. If not then... guess it's all Rogers fault anyhow as that is all they can ever say even when it's their own damn fault.

Blame shifting and playing people are the two areas TSI has excelled in the past couple of years.

you'd have to compare with an other user who is on that same segment/node. what are the odds of that??

blame shifting? playing people? -- deliberately?? no way. dont know how I could possibly be any more transparent.

any time there were capacity problems in the past.. we openly spoke about it.
Marc - CEO/TekSavvy


Thanks guys, I don't want this to turn into a TSI bash thread - they have been great up until this month. I can't afford to have such a bad service happen this frequently - it's nothing personal, it's business - my business.

From what I've read, all good things so far from Start. I do not want to go to Rogers or Bell ever again, so I'm looking for the best option from limited options. I appreciate all feedback, but lets try to keep it civil


I am a Teksavvy and Start's user. Both are good in their own terms and have their ups and downs.

Having said that, my Start connection have been rock solid without an issue except for 2 times which I just reset the modem once and changed settings on my router. I contacted Customer service and technical support and both are good. A little better than Teksavvy! DSLr is great for that and employees from both companies have been excellent and provided good support up until now!