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North York, ON
reply to stevey_frac

Re: CNOC speed matching decision due next week

said by stevey_frac:

I just checked the Rogers site, and they are offering these speeds in my area:

25 / 2 / 80 GB cap for $48.99
30 / 10 / 500 GB cap for $51.99
45/ 4 / 150 GB cap for $71.99
150 / 10 / 250 GB cap for $122.99

Where did that second tier come from? It's AWESOME?! More cap then Tek, with 10 times the upload for similar money. When does Tek get that package?

Anyways, The equivalent package that I was on, was Extreme plus, that used to be 28 / 1. And it's not 45/ 4. That's why I was assuming that people getting 28/1 would get bumped.

Your location is listed as Cambridge, ON. If so, then I had no idea Rogers offered such packages in Ontario. In Toronto, the Express plan costs $51.99/month (25/2/80GB). And the Extreme plan costs $64.99/month (35/3/120GB). The second plan you listed for $51.99/month is really good.