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Ebox Price Questions

I am looking to leave bell and Ebox seems like the right choice for me.

The biggest problem I have with bell is that over the years I have been with them, the price for my service has almost doubled.
I am tired of fighting with them over the price gouges.
Keep in mind I have received no increase in services over the same period of time.

Before bell I was with AEI, and for the first few years they were very good but as DSL speeds increased they just could not keep up.
However the whole time that I was with AEI they never increased my price. Which was a very good thing.

So the questions are:
- How does ebox fare when it comes to increasing rates?
- Is it a yearly thing?
- Will I have the same hassles like I have with bell over price gouging (once they have you as a customer they just keep milking you) and incorrect billing?

Any input on pricing policy is greatly appreciated.

Merci a tous.

Electronic Box CEO
Hey barney,

if you look back in time our pricing have decreased instead of increased due to several factors: Cost of transit, regulation by government etc...

While it is very difficult to say what will happen in future, i can safely say we are in a very aggressive mode to gain market share and offer quality. Price gouging is not an option for a growing company like us.
Electronic Box Inc. - Jean-Philippe Béïque

For Value Received
reply to barneymolle
I've been with Ebox for a year now. I'm on the grandfathered TGV60 plan and never received any letter of increase.

Ebox is rock solid now. It was bumpy at first because they underestimated the amount of people desperate for something new. But I'd say since June 2012, I haven't experience any issues.

Do it.


reply to barneymolle
Thanks for the info

I will set the wheels in motion shortly.


Montreal, QC
reply to barneymolle
Ummm, if you have a 3 service bundle with bell including FibeTV, you can get an unlimited usage addon for 10$/month (just a heads up! ). But if you don't have a bundle, it'll be 30$/month, which might "kill the deal", so then it probably would be wiser to make the switch. EBox's bills come & go. If you have pre-authorized payments, they'll email the bill to you around a week before taking the money out so if you have some problem, then you have ample time to call 'em up & up until now, I have never had a problem with them about billing, I honestly just take a glimpse of it, & if I see the amount is right, I can forget about it. It feels much better than what I had to go through with bell.