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El Maestro

reply to Vamp

Re: [Northeast] High pings / bad routing...

Hi guys,

I'm in a Syracuse suburb and was having the same issues. Today it got worse than ever. Today I was at the end of my rope but as a last ditch effort I changed the DNS settings to opendns (google works too) in the actiontec router settings. Things are already much better across all my devices.

I'm only just now learning about this stuff but so far it's like night and day. Ping is way down and speeds are up.


Port Byron, NY
I wish it were that simple for me. I've tried both Google public DNS and OpenDNS, neither resolved the issues I am experiencing.

El Maestro

Sorry to hear that. Whatever's been going on started at least a week ago. I thought I was the only one with issues and that I needed a new router or something.

I'm continuing to research this...I do believe something is wrong on Verizon's end but the posts here are the first signs of this I'm seeing.