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Bethel, CT
reply to NetFixer

Re: [Rant] Upsell instead of tech support

said by NetFixer:

...Being informed that "every employee is a sales person", and being told that "providing an illusion of service is more important than actually providing a service" (and having my performance reviews based on those statements), is why I pulled the rip cord on my corporate golden parachute many years ago.

Perhaps The Best Explanation of why Comcast's support just sucks (I'd offer more adjectives and adverbs, but I'd probably be banned from this site) follows:

As a Comcast customer, I have formed two opinions:

(1) The goal of the support person is not a satisfied customer.

(2) The goal of a support person is more revenue.

Every Comcast employee is a customer support person. When Comcast finally realizes that fundamental truth, then and only then will Comcast be able to survive outside of the government-sanctioned monopolies that Comcast currently enjoy.

I have said it before and I wll say it again --- every Comcast Tech who has been in my house has been very good to excellent. Each and every one of those Techs has shown to me that they are interested in me, the Comcast customer.

Why cannot the rest of Comcast show the same concern for their customers who, by the way, pay them each week?

Why are Comcast management so antagonistic towards the very people who provide their multi-billion revenue per year?