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Re: Desktop build help

Future proofing is a myth, and the more you pay, the more you lose in obsolescence as the hardware ages. Better to build a moderate build now, then a moderate rebuild in 3-5 years over a really expensive build now that you will never see the benefit from.

I repeat, all you need is the i3 for what you are doing--you don't get anything better for paying more, except the emotional feeling that the machine you bought MUST be more powerful, because you paid more money for it. You know what they say about a fool and his money and all that.
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Burnt Out Cynic
In the end you might pay more a little more in the long run, but the idea of replacing your computer with a cheaper one every few years isn't as desirable. It's not a finite slope, it's a curve. I build systems to last their main purpose of gaming usually for five years, or more, which usually I would usually have to replace the video card at least once for performance reasons. The processor is the biggest thing I consider, and then it's upgrade capacity like installed ram limits, etc.. Buy with the estimated curve, and you'll end up ahead a bit of buying to cheaper systems. Replace the video card in a few years as you purposefully didn't buy bleeding edge, and you're still doing good.

When you first build a computer you don't want the processor too stressed on your normal applications, with most of the applications I run on my i5 it rarely kicks in the extra speed unless a program doesn't effectively use more than one core while doing certain tasks.

In comparison the single core desktop my father uses bugs me to this day as when I have to look at it the processor, and the installed ram are both limiting factors to most applications like the browsers we use to this day. When your up to date browser shows the age of a system it's really time to consider upgrading unless it's a specialized production machine.

For the price difference going with the i5 vs the i3 should be one of the first things you upgrade, even before you add an ssd. I still don't have an ssd, and don't think I need one. An ssd is loading speed, not running speed.
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