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Re: [Connectivity] Uploads only working on 1 laptop in the house

Ok - here is some more odd behavior

It looks like my router is only letting one device have upload capabilities at a time - It's what ever device was plugged in directly to the router last.

The test:
I plugged my work laptop in to the router - I was getting 36mb/s down, 6 up

I took it off the hard connection - same results

I plugged in my girlfriends laptop - I was getting 36 down, 6 up
Work laptop stopped being able to upload
I unplugged my girlfriends laptop- still getting 36 down, 6 up

I put my work laptop back in, was back to getting 36 down, 6 up but my girlfriends laptop couldn't upload anymore.

I've never heard of this type of behavior before...are the computers getting different IP addresses when being plugged in or something?