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Mobile, AL
·AT&T Southeast
reply to Sanji5

Re: [Availability] Servicing my area

Dont' hold your breath! I live in a neighborhood that is served with fiber to the curb. They won't upgrade the equipment and by researching their plans to "upgrade" areas reveals that they will leave 25% of their landline customers with no service at all. They currently serve 91% of their territory with atleast some sort of DSL, so you do the math. They are going to cut off many of us and I fear that I will be included. I have even tried to get some answers out of David from AT&T direct support. I have a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to AT&T and it only seems to be getting worse.


Powder Springs, GA
Well I can see the little green rectangular prism shaped boxes outside my house in my front yard along with the orange spraypaint guiding the lines so someone is coming in. As for who, I'm not sure.