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Re: Jailbreaking cell phones to become ILLEGAL at midnight

A few things. Since Rogers was mentioned, glad to hear they allow users to unlock now, as they previously flat-out and absolutely refused. At the same time, I feel it is obvious that ANY charge for doing so (once the device is paid off) should be just as illegal as the user unlocking it.

@gozer, I believe I've seen it stated that many overseas countries have a fairly integrated system for blacklisting individual devices, but there is no such system in place in the Americas. I have worked for a large telco here, and at that time the technical staff could not even see the IMEI of a cutomer's current device, nevermind blocking one. In most cases the number wasn't manually logged on their account either, so unless they kept the original box there was no way to know the IMEI anyway. When a call was received about a lost phone, the procedure was to place a block on their subscription to prevent fraudulent charges, and inform them that we could not magically brick their device. There is no incentive for your provider to block your phone - it could still be used on any other network, so they might as well get the new owner's business... And sell you a new phone while they're at it. Many providers now provide location services so you can see where your device is, provided you installed the software before you lost it (and pay the monthly fees...) But how this would help if it's in someone's pocket is unclear.

Finally, we should try to keep in mind the people in the factories who are making these devices, and the questionable practices there. I have no problem believing that an iPhone or other modern device is actually worth the unsubsidized price, but I don't think it's overly cynical of me to doubt whether most of that money is going where it should.

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Mullica Hill, NJ
I think it was the CBS show 60 minutes that stated an iPhone costs Apple $8 to make. Which is not impossible considering the bulk they buy the materials in. I am guessing all phones are a similar or lower production cost. So there is some serious bucks being made in the world of phones and tablets.
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Reported production cost on an iPhone 4s is a little over $130 usd; iPhone 5 is rumored to be in the $160-$170 range, with the bulk of the cost being the display/touch screen.


reply to Kearnstd
@Kearnstd / LazMan: Yes, the cost to Apple is low, but if everyone involved was being fairly remunerated for the work being done that would not likely be the case. Personally I would be happy to pay $600 dollars for a device which is professionally manufactured by people who are not forced to work 18+ hour shifts, exposed to harmful chemicals to cut costs, and severely underpaid.