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Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ
reply to Camaro

Re: Faster than Fibre?

Seeing those microwave towers in an open field makes me think, How much economic damage would a kite with copper mesh in it do if you got it right in front of the microwave dish?

Not tower damage on the physical level just something in the beam. (To be honest it would be tempting to do just to see if the kite would spark like a fork in the microwave oven.)

In short do these microwave relays are the networks built accounting for blockage? What is to stop a town miles away from authorizing say a hotel tower for their own economic good and if that tower blocks the beam can this trading network sue to stop it?

I find it scary that even 1ms is considered vital. I mean even gamers find below a certain ms ping acceptable. 14ms to Chicago would be dreamland for gaming. And these guys just waste it to shave hundredths of a penny in profits.