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Winnipeg, MB
reply to whatsit

Re: whats it going to take..

That's pretty much the opposite side of the city from me. But it sounds like a saturated node. I've had the same problem since late spring 2012 and Shaw hasn't committed to when they will be upgrading our area. From the sound of it things might be better by summer 2013. In the meantime my speeds when I'm home are consistently 5 Mbps, unless I shift my sleep schedule around and then I can see as much as 80 Mbps or more. Yes, I know I can automate my downloading, etc., to take advantage of the best speeds, however at 4 Mbps and a few connections in the house sometimes even simple web surfing can be affected by the slow speeds.

It's to the point where I'm about ready to post notices around the neighbourhood to get Shaw customers to complain if they are having bad speeds to see if it will get Shaw to move up the upgrades in our area.

But you say Shaw has said they've already upgraded in your area? Have you had a tech out to check your speed levels? It might be worth it to get it documented by one of their personnel. It may be that you were told there were upgrades "in your area" without actually checking whether your address was in fact an area that was upgraded.



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I'm in Wpg, too, but I won't say where, since I'm afraid you'll all move here and clog my node (j/k). Suffice it to say I live in a small middle class, little-known "village" on the river about a mile or so north of the center of town. The neighborhoods around me are all working class, semi-deprived, or filled with retired older folks. In short, those people don't usually have expensive high speed internet.

Anyway, I have always gotten close to my full bb50 (usually around 46 or so from, say, Astraweb) and have had isos on torrent hit speeds as high as 45 or 46. Even at peak hours, I may drop to 28 or 30 but never below.

My son lives in an upper-middle-class McMansion development In suburban Calgary (not unlike a newer Lindenwoods) and his Shaw BB50 speeds are miserable (10-15 at best).

My point is not to gloat, but, rather, to point out one of the significant benefits to the 90% in this age of rapidly widening class division. The wealthier you are, I'm guessing, the less likely (on average) you will find yourself on an uncongested node. Maybe Shaw simply ignores these kinds of demographics, but rather relies on incoming complaints before upgrading congested nodes. Just my opinion, but that's the only answer that makes sense to me.


Winnipeg, MB
The area I live in is - according to the Shaw rep I spoke with - technologically reluctant, which based on other comments I took to mean there are a number of people in our area who haven't switched to digital services. It sounds like we won't see improvements in our area until the bulk of customers are moved to digital and they can do whatever magic it is that Shaw does to take advantage of the extra bandwidth that digital allows.

@waldstein, My guess is your area has a high turnover rate and so it's easier to force customers onto digital. Either that, or Shaw started earlier in that area to push customers to digital.

Calgary, AB
Shaw can, and just simplely makes the change... Contacts everybody, you don't have a digital box, here is a free one... and makes the change.

technologically reluctant sounds like a good neighborhood to be in, nobody else will be using the internet, so you should get full speed all the time
Yes, I am not employed and looking for IT work. Have passport, will travel.


Winnipeg, MB
said by kevinds:

technologically reluctant sounds like a good neighborhood to be in, nobody else will be using the internet, so you should get full speed all the time

That's what I thought too. Apparently they are technically reluctant TV-wise but internet fiends! My internet connection is all but worthless unless it's working/school hours.

Case in point, my current speeds according to Shaw Speed Test:

Ping: 28 ms
Download: 8.24 Mbps
Upload: 4.65 Mbps

I suppose I should be ecstatic that my upload speed is greater than 50% of my download speed. But given that I'm on the BB100 plan... 8.24 performs the physically impossible task of simultaneously sucking AND blowing.


speedtest i just did now at 8:49 pm

1.82 download

4.74 mbps

14 ms


Winnipeg, MB
So back to my original question - have you had a Shaw tech out to your place to check things out and get it documented?


not yet