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reply to Emax04

Re: [rant] 2013 pathfinder

said by Emax04 :

Dodge. Any chance you can share the actual dealership? It looks like the exact same issue on my car. And I don't want a repeat. My dealership isn't aware of anything like this. If I can get the dealerships to communicate that might be helpful. Thanks.

The dealership that performed the repairs was Bay Ridge Nissan in Brooklyn, NY, but if your dealer just calls Nissan technet they are aware of the issue and will give them a list of parts they need for the repairs, I believe it's 3 parts that need replacing as part of this problem (assuming you have the same problem). If your dealership tells you that the transmission cooler hose fell off and they just put it back in place, do not take the car back until they call the technet and apply the actual fix.