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Under Siege
Mcdonough, GA
·AT&T U-Verse
reply to Touchy

Re: Move over mouse, Windows 8 shines with a simple touch

said by Touchy :

I have tried it (in a Microsoft Store), and it sucks. Besides being inefficient, I can see my arm hurting after a while.

My new laptop (NOT a touch screen) came with Windows 8. Win8 is OK; I installed ClassicShell so the system is usable. It's certainly an acceptable replacement for Win7.

Whew - redeemed yourself there. STRIKE 1: unregistered; STRIKE 2: "...it sucks" always has me saying "Next...". I agree, W8 is solid and an acceptable replacement for W7. If you don't like the new UI, set it back to legacy W7.
That's "MISTER" Kafir to you.


Douglasville, GA
A common misconception is that you have to keep using the touch screen to browse the web on a touch screen laptop. After you use the touch screen to open the browser, just use the touch pad to scroll and navigate. And use the keyboard to type.

If you want a laptop, and you have a choice of one with and one with out, you may want to choose the one with a touch screen. just sayin'

I really like tablets that have the detachable keyboard covers. This will be my next pc.

Have you seen WiDi? The XPS 12 has it. Being able to wirelessly connect a tablet/laptop to a 2nd monitor as a built in feature is a very good idea.