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reply to Kearnstd

Re: Jailbreaking cell phones to become ILLEGAL at midnight

said by Kearnstd:

If I go into the Shop Rite and buy something not taxed(ie any normal food item.) I pay what it says on the shelf tag.

In the specific subject matter of this thread, this makes a poor analogy. This would be going into the supermarket and picking up the can opener that says "special, 1 cent for this electronic can opener that will only work on our baked beans, and you have to agree to buy our beans for a year". Then you attempt to modify the can opener to work with someone else's bean tins.

That this analogy sounds ridiculous is only due to the difference between hardware and software, and that supermarkets haven't yet figured out how to do lock-in.

I agree, however, that the general nature of "fees" is irritating as hell. I don't frigging care about how the store determines the final cost to me: I just want to know the final cost to me. It amounts to deceptive advertising to show a price that is not the price I pay.