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Homestead, FL

What a bad idea

So if the iPhone is paid in full price of $800.00 at $20.00 a month, that would take 40 months to pay off... Looks like customers will NOT be upgrading their devices as often... Talk about shooting themselves in the foot.... Dang...


Kernersville, NC
and it will be the end of the unlimited plan too. Wondering getting a lower rate you will need to changed to one of the shared data plans or a bucket o minutes. AT&T figures out a way to screw the consumer in the end.

Don't Blame Me I Voted For Bill and Opus

Cheyenne, WY
Again the European model, But your device and then look for service, make it easier to switch carriers. If AT&T knew you could tell them to stick it and switch, and competitors knew they could pick off customers with sweeter deals just think of the impact that would have.
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Boynton Beach, FL
reply to flycuban
You do know the cost of your iPhone is factored into the voice and data plans you pay per month right?

you'll pay a lower price per month for your voice/data plan and tack on a monthly charge, after a downpayment, for your device of choice.

Right now if someone buys an iPhone from Ebay at a discount, they pay the same price per month as everyone else does but get no phone subsidy.


Saratoga, CA
reply to flycuban
Your math is a little off. You are not getting that $800 phone free if you upgrade under the current plan. You still have to pay part of it at the time of upgrade.

A 32G I5 at AT&T is $750 retail. If you get it under the current plan you will have to pay $300 at the time of upgrade. That means you are financing $450 of the phone. If AT&T lowers the price plans by $20/mo and you pay the full retail for the phone you could upgrade every 22 months for about the same price.