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·TekSavvy DSL
reply to WhyBother

Re: Called Bell to cancel, got unlimited 25down/25up no contract

It really worries me how many will get suckered into this and have Bell take it away in several months.

I had an issue just like this a number of months ago, Bell made me an offer, it was on my account for a period, the suddenly it was gone. When I called in, I was told it had been removed and they would no longer honor it. At that point, I left Bell for internet and kept FibeTV.
Regardless of what they tell you, they can and will take the "Unlimited" or "Discounts" off whenever they feel like it, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Countless others here can attest the the billing issues people have with Bell, in my 2 years with them for FibeTV/Internet, not one bill, I really mean, not one bill had the amount on it that it should have.
Despite no service change, no orders, nothing that would cause a bill difference, my bills were never the same, I spent hours and hours on the phone trying to get it fixed.

Never again, unlimited might be a great offer, but IMHO, it's not worth dealing with Bell.