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Ashfield, MA
reply to fillup

Re: [HN9000] Why am I getting fapped during the fap-free time?

said by fillup See Profile
Have you tried disabling Turbopage? I find whenever Hughes is throttling me, that by disabling Turbopage, I get a HUGE increase in download speed.

Thanks for the tip - I will try it again when things get back to "normal".

Right now it didn't make any difference on my current download I stopped and restarted it and still do diff.

Tried starting a new download (All from TWIT network) but no better. No big surprise things are obviously screwed up on Hughes's end.

One interesting thing - When I re-enabled Turbo Page - (General web surfing seems to be near impossible without it) - now the green light in system control center is yellow - probably more appropriate for the current speeds I'm getting. (Download allowance NOT exceeded according to SCC.