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Charlotte, NC
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reply to mocycler

Re: Will the bill actually be lower?

said by mocycler:

Or to put it another way, you upgraded when you normally would not have just because you could...the cell provider ate a big chunk of the cost of the new phone. So why not?

Now that they are taking away your free ride and, you know, expecting you to pay full fare for your ticket, you're pissing and whining about "getting the shaft", as if not getting the latest and best the moment it hits the market makes one abused and mistreated by the Big Bad Cell Company.

It's funny how people are ok with sucking others dry but suddenly become soooo conservative about money when it involves their own wallet.

I don't think it's exactly about a free ride. I'm sure the difference was being made up by everyone for the high voice/text prices for sure. Back in the day the phrase was "the cost of doing business".

There's only going to be one winner in this - for the short term. Those winners will be the share holders of the Bell companies.

The phone makers will hurt. Most people simply won't spend $800 on a telephone.


Hazelwood, MO

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Mainly because there is not a phone made that should cost anywhere near $800 full retail. $300 would be a fair price and fair profit for any of these phone makers and resellers. This includes the iPhone the Galaxy and any other that has been produced in the last 5+ years.

It is the subsidies of the phone companies that have kept the retail price of these phones so high and we will all see that as this becomes common place the market settles in a year or 2.


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Agreed. If AT&T goes ahead with this, Apple will either be substantially re-thinking the way they price their devices, or their marketshare in the US will start free-falling. In the Android world, if the bigger, more established players don't want to start lowing prices, ZTE, Hauwei, and others will do it for them.


Oakland, CA
said by BiggA:

If AT&T goes ahead with this, Apple will either be substantially re-thinking the way they price their devices...

» ··· -curves/

Or they could just take $350 off their current pricing model and be all set. Oh wait, that would eat up much of their massive, bloated margins.