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Re: Called Bell to cancel, got unlimited 25down/25up no contract

said by mlerner:

Bell has a history of reverting such plans when they know they can screw their customers.

Bell's history is:
Offer something new.
Get as many people as possible
Raise rate in 2 or 3 months across the board.

Every single promo is like this since 2007, as shown in the Bell forum.

Along with what you stated.

In the case with the guy above, he's locked into another contract and doesn't know yet that he's been lied to. Wait till he calls again and finds out what happens if he cancels the service 2 months down the road.

The 9.95 phone promo has always been another contract as I can recall.

The scam here that we are seeing in this topic is the following:
They raise rates on internet then tell you that you can break your contract if you don't agree to the new rate terms.

You think fine, I will.

But as soon as you break the bundle, phone and TV go up by ~40$ or so and you can't drop those w/o cancellation fee's and/or early termination fee's because the rates did not change on those and you had a triple bundle savings that you just broke.

In this case the TV is on contract, and I'm pretty damn 99% sure that 9.95$ phone service is a 12 to 24 month contract (if i'm not mistaken, that 9.95 rate increases after 3 or 6 months as well, as part of the phone promo).

Anyhow, this guy will learn not to believe anything Bell tells him. His life lesson, or rather, his friends life lesson.

He better hang on to that apparent "recording". His friend will need it when they decide to run to the CCTS for help when they realize how screwed they are.