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Calabash, NC

[WIN8] Disk check hosed XP drive

This one happened this weekend.

On my computer, I have 2 hard drives installed at any one time.

Drive 1 contains XP MCE, Vista HP, and is my data storage partition, music, videos, etc. This one is always connected to my system.

Drive 2 is swapped depending on what OS I'm using. I have an SSD drive that has Win7 ultimate 64bit on it, and another hard drive that has Win8 Pro 64bit on it.

The other day when I was booting into Win8 I noticed (too late) that it wanted to do a disk check on my XP drive, which had I seen it, would've stopped, but I missed it, and it did its thing. It came back and said that it made corrections to the filesystem. Then it wanted to run a check on my vista drive, which I skipped, and then it wanted to check my data drive, which I also skipped. Forward to Sat.

I go to boot into XP MCE, and am met with errors on log in. Windows Defender blows up, no sound, and no taskbar. Attempt at running restore (manually as well as through ERD) are met with the same results. The drive is not accessible from any other windows installation on my machine, even when I try to assign rights to it. I can browse it with ERD, and from within the crippled OS.

Checked the event logs through ERD and see a bunch of "access is denied" errors loading the profiles.

Ideas? If I have to blow the drive, I'll offload the data partition to the Win8 drive and just redo the entire thing. I've never used the Vista partition, it was merely for troubleshooting/learning purposes.

Burnt Out Cynic
Drive failure, bad write, or more likely it's the fault of their new ntfs.

I had a issue during the Win 8 beta where Win 8 wanted to fix any older ntfs partitions, and the stable os which Win 8 never got a chance to touch would want to fix those partitions right back. The stable os would actually corrupt the Win 8 ntfs when taking permissions, or when it would do an automatic chkdsk until the last Win 8 beta. I never gave Win 8 the chance to screw up the stable drive due to their new ntfs problems, and it looks like they never really fixed this issue. Multi-booters be warned...

I'd just use Win 7, and be done with it.
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Calabash, NC
There aren't any disk errors in the event logs, only errors in regards to the access denied when trying to log onto windows.

I know it was done by Win8 and its disk check / "corrections". XP ran fine up to that point, then suddenly all hell broke loose.

So yes, multi-booters beware.

As for usage. I loaded Win8 so I could learn it to properly support it. I don't like it, but it's a necessary evil for me.

not in ohio
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reply to captokita
Generally, a boot-time chkdsk logs its activity to the event log. It might be useful to find the event in the Win8 levent og so we can know what it did to the XP disk.

Offhand I can't recall whether the chkdsk event shows up in system or application log.

You don't remember seeing any complaints about cleaning up file #9, do you? That's the file that holds the security descriptors for all files.

Fo' Shizzle
Houston, TX
reply to captokita
You might be able to restore operation by using a disk utility to convert the XP partition to FAT32. If it works you can always convert it back to NTFS.