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North Hollywood, CA

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It's a great change

The free phone from years past is still the scourge of the industry today. People don't have a clue how much these devices really cost. If anything it will create competition among the smartphone makers to lower costs. If Google is able to keep their Nexus pricing down, they will be the real winners with this change until other the other guys catch up...

With the S3, you put like $100 down, then pay $20 a month for the next 20 months. After that you reap the savings of their lower priced value plans. More expensive phones have a higher down payment.

This will hurt those Apple fanbois who parade around with their sense of early upgrade for nothing entitlement.

edit: check out t-mobiles value plan pricing... it's much cheaper then the classic plan pricing...


Boynton Beach, FL

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tell me about it

I know people working retail and we chat almost every day. And it's the same thing, people buying the iPhone 4s then coming to the store when the iPhone 5 come out and ask for it and act all surprised when they learn that the phone's cost is not $199