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[Speed] Current Levels of Speed - Louisville, KY

I currently have 10.0 and am getting ~ 15/1 so my question is what are the official speeds for the levels?

for example, is 20.0 still at 20/1.5 - and if so, how does one justify $10 more for what is advertised as "double 10.0 for $10"

if 20.0 is more than 20/1.5 - would that require a docis 3 modem?


Lexington, KY

Re: [Speed] Current Levels of Speed

I currently have the 20/1.5 plan and always get ~20/1.5. I'm thinking of just going back to 10.0 and staying there. I don't think you would require a DOCSIS3.0 modem until you get to 30.0 and higher tiers.

My guess is Insight is slowly migrating to the "standard" TWC internet tiers.


Sellersburg, IN
reply to mhof47130
20.0 does not require a docsis 3.0 modem, been using it on a Moto SB5121 for quite some time. You do need a 3.0 modem for 30.0 and higher and from what I have heard they (insight) will not let you use your own modem for 30.0+


Lexington, KY
As of right now they won't, even if you have a modem that's on TWC's approved list. I've been fighting with them for a while on this and have even filed a complaint with the FCC. The only thing I've gotten is some guy at Insight calling me to keep telling me they don't allow it yet. Figures.