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Santa Monica, CA
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reply to DataRiker


I could be wrong - one would have never believed that a generation would trade car ownership for massive smartphone payments, a bus pass, a bicycle and car-sharing, but Detroit is very worried based on the sales data showing a massive decline in "Generation Walk"'s new-car purchasing.

But absent an alternative service with the same content, I don't see today's singles going cord-cut when they "settle down", couple-up, reproduce, buy a house and fight over the remote. And while we stupidly promote single-parentism, we haven't yet eliminated the couch-potato gene.

I would agree that economically-challenged folks are wise to choose to cord-cut, but for nearly 90% of households, those are still choices made with discretionary income - people choose what they can "afford".

Young/singles make these decisions more often because they're often the sole bill-payer, and there is no one to compromise with. But multiperson households do not cord-cut so easily.
« Phone DRM isn't DRM
This is a sub-selection from HBO