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Santa Monica, CA
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reply to CXM_Splicer


said by CXM_Splicer:

If the price and quality remained the same I would agree... problem is, price is going up while quality (of the programming) is coming down. As more and more shows become available online, more and more people WILL cancel their bloated, expensive cable packages in favor of Internet only connections to watch only what they want to watch.
If the people's only other option was an OTA antenna then I would say it isn't going to happen... but with the growth of streaming, cable companies are in imminent danger. Unless, of course, they jump on the bandwagon... make deals with the content provides who they already have relationships with, and offer ala-carte channel streaming packages; and I don't see that happening anytime soon. IOW, sell your stocks NOW.

You can bash the industry all you like. I'm not a fan either.

But they own the content that people want to watch, regardless of how one critiques the "quality". And they're not going to change the delivery model only to make less money - they already learned that with Netflix. While it has few technical obstacles, streaming ala-carte is dead-on-arrival without content.

Cable will remain very relevant.
« Phone DRM isn't DRM
This is a sub-selection from HBO