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Fisher, IL

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Re: Yes, that PC cleanup app you saw on TV at 3 a.m...

Installing the free MyCleanPC scanner and running it using the default settings resulted in 1,020 "issues" on a PC with a week-old, barely-used clean install of Windows 8 running on it.

Must play devils advocate, and I do not endorse or even believe that this service is a good thing.
While it may classify "issues" in grey terms from our (non-novice users) perspective, The real question is; How does it perform on a system that actually has what we, as experienced seasoned professionals, consider "issues".

In other words, does this "MyCleanPC" service actually perform any function that benefits the end user that subscribes? Ars needs to follow up with some more tests on user systems that are actually experiencing "slow-downs", errors, or various popups/malwares/viruses before labeling SCAM.

Since someone else laid out a car analogy, I will too. I liken this to a "bad" auto mechanic. People still take cars to sub par mechanics, and much of the time they may be satisfied. Does not mean the mechanics work is the greatest or even acceptable. Especially from a master mechanics point of view, but some cars do get fixed properly.


Los Angeles, CA

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The demonstration would be to establish a fresh Windows installation into a known security and performance baseline, one where the web browser had not been so much as opened much less used, with everything patched to date and tuned to perfection, snapshot the system there and then install the software in question and watch what it reports.

not in ohio
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Take though that scary message "your disk is 1.27% fragmented". That actually means "is so unfragmented you needn't give it another thought", but it is presented as if it's a sign of impending disk apocalypse.

So, the motor mechanic equivalent would be one who's saying "your oil life is 1.27% used up, you need to replace it".