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Greenwich, CT
reply to koitsu

Re: [motherboard] system will not boot anymore

said by koitsu:

said by Subaru:

it's seems like now a days you have to keep extra boards on hand..

OT, but:

I realise it's not very economical for a lot of people (especially in this economy -- and believe me, I understand, I've been unemployed since May 2012), but keeping spare hardware on hand is usually a wise choice.

When I upgrade a system, assuming the old board uses the same CPU socket type as my new/upgraded board, I keep the old board in its box in case something goes awry. If after 1-2 years I'm still good, I end up sending the hardware off to my friends in Sweden (where everything tech has almost a 100% mark-up on it for no justified reason), or try to donate stuff here to folks who need it. Else I sell it on eBay.

I thought I was the only one that did this.. lucky for me I kept a intel ITX board and it used the same socket so I was good, sucks about the board I loss.. No big deal on the drive since it's 80GB.
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