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Smiths Grove, KY

[Network] Network

Hi guys I was wonder since I have been waited to get network fix but I so know it won't be anyway. Has any you guys ever look in your modem under statues and statistics click on system log it show list time that down, up, Dns, PPP, PPPoE, Firewall an etc? It been bug me because I track their MAC address on my system log it showing it on there on firewall, it pointed to them whatever cause my Internet keep dropping and coming up I know it wasn't my end they needed fix it. I'm sick of Internet connectivity that is under diagnostic I'm getting 4 list under Internet Connectivity fail. The ping is remain same at night pings goes up to 400 to 700 ping sometime during the day ping sitting there above 140 ping. Internet I'm getting 400 kbps during day an at night i get 20 Kbps. You know I have been thinking since windstream is overselling to people get Internet people get rip off, the FCC should send a rules to company limited to their selling on DSLAM then oversold it, If company did FCC could charge fines to company over $10,000 per DSLAM that been oversold. If fail to fix it, it will go up more fine every time. If I was running that company I make sure every DSLAM doesn't need be oversold period because that hurt many people not getting their needs for school, college, friends, an family on there even a our loves one over sea to talk on Skype. Feel free anything you want add be my guest I have nothing to against it just I need use video phone to make phone calls since I can't hear over the phone. Windstream lower my speed some reason without notify me they broke the rules. I do know there is a rules if something happen on my speed been reduce Company itself responsible notify me about it. So you know this company betray all of us, all they care postpone it make it look like they are working on it. I want proof "Fact" they are working on it or it just a common lair thief. Feel free to comment once again I'm not best English I can be so I'm just sucks at it anyway. My grammar not be the best, I hope it make more sense who ever read this thanks for your time.