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Springfield, PA

[Northeast] Why do I see all the packet loss?

So anybody having "slowness" issues, I encourage you
run the Line Monitoring test from this forum.

Here are the standard (most look good)

»/pingtest/nil? ··· .net&p=1

And here's mine:

»/pingtest/a599 ··· /2988074

I still have an open ticket with VZ and they keep calling
and asking me if this is fixed at my end yet? Ha ha, very
funny...I keep telling them this is a CO issue (or networking
issue), local manager
has escalated it, give him a call. I must have gotten 5-6
calls and techs at my door looking into this. No word about
their issue...


Howell, NJ
have you treid getting a new IP address. if you can power off the router for about an hour and when it comes back up it might pull a new IP. i have heard of other people doing this and the new ip fixes the issue


Springfield, PA
reply to smrtech
Yes, I did this process and got a new IP if I leave my
router off for at least 2 hours. Did this a week ago
and got the new IP. I have been pinging all the IPs
on my subnet 72.78.80.x - some have packet loss,
some don't, different routers.

Interestingly enough, it seemed worse before on a different
VZ router/IP (next hop from me out) and pinging it got alot
of packet loss. But using this line monitoring test with
that address (from somewhere outside), had no packet
loss. Local ping = packet loss, outside in, no packet loss.

I am inclined to let it be until VZ gets back to me about
the CO issue. I doubt I'll hear anything more. I really don't
think they pay much attention to home users pointing out
issues in their infrastructure to investigate. I must be nuts,
right...lots of lip service, but zero action.

Unless I can communicate with somebody at Tier 2 or higher
directly, which they do not let you do, it will go nowhere.
I'd love them to tell me I'm nuts, but all I get calls asking
me if "I've" fixed it yet.

Warwick, RI
reply to smrtech
When I saw your first posts, I ran a pingtest. Then when I saw your results above, I ran another one to a different location. (Both were run based on where I was when requested, both served out of the same CO).

One thing I observed is you appear to be a fixed IP address.

All your packet loss is between the backbone router and your final destination. Although you had 2% loss on the PHIL-BB router (1 packet), the rest was between ??? and Target IP.

I'm not sure what's the difference in how packets get to a fixed IP versus a dynamic IP. There is an extra hop in there for dynamic.

With a fixed IP address, I'm guessing you're not talking to the run of the mill residential tier 1 techs. If you are, you should talk to the business center support. Where do you get by talking to Verizon Business Services 888-244-4440? The phone tree may sound the same, or maybe my phone number is keyed to business support.

I know I talk to different folks when trouble is at home vs. at work.