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Appleton, WI
reply to obeythelaw

Re: [rant] can't remove programming on

I had the same frustration with them. As shows I would watch would come on, I would add the channels online. Each time I wanted to remove them, I would have to call and try to be convinced otherwise.

In the end, I dumped them for Dish. So far, I have been very happy with Dish. I was paying $150 for DirecTV and wanted the Genie receiver. They just would not budge and would not give it to me (although it is a lease and you have to return it upon leaving). They wanted me to pay $300. At one point one of the reps said I would be committing fraud if I tried to cancel the account under my name and then open a new one under my wife’s name so we could be considered “new” customers and get the stupid Genie.

I finally gave up and decided to cancel. I called five times before it was actually done. The first two times they gave me wrong info (they said the account was under my wife’s name), the other times they said they had cancelled although they did not. The last time I was finally able to.