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Scarborough, ON
reply to HiVolt

Re: Bell Unlimited Promotion

said by HiVolt:

said by Guspaz:

Have you actually looked at Bell's prices? Compare Bell unlimited with $10 for that and TekSavvy unlimited (using QC pricing):

TekSavvy: $77.99/mth
Bell: $71.95/mth + $10/mth unlimited = $81.95/mth

TekSavvy is still cheaper. Even with the $4/mth bundle discount, Bell is only matching TSI's price.

Except TekSavvy can't provide reliable 25mbps connection in peak hours, but Bell can.

And if you need a dryloop, there's another way wholesale gets screwed.

Don't forget about the modem rental!


trust one thing...bell is not losing on this...they will snag a pile of tek clients...i d say 100 thousand....and teks investment into trying to keep up with the slowdowns is wasted moneyyou should have sold magma did it right selling out to primus....teksavvy is done