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Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ

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reply to goalieskates

Re: Yes, that PC cleanup app you saw on TV at 3 a.m...

said by goalieskates:

Why assume people are lazy?

Uneducated, yes. But judging from the training the schools in my area give, safety is barely even touched on. People who can type fast with their thumbs or use Facebook are presumed to be "experts" by other people who know no better, including the school board. Thought processes that make them all easy pickings for a whole host of scammers.

It's not just kids or recreational users - I know people who have worked in IT for companies for 10+ years who are utterly clueless when faced with a virus. Most are small companies, but even large companies and government agencies hire them. They do something all day that keeps them employed, but heaven knows what. I'd never hire them even though they're friends, but people do. It's the Wild West out there.

Well Yes Clickers are a big problem. And I have come across people who should know better. But they get a popup that says they are infected and they click scan and pretty much just let the crooks in the front door. As the moment they click scan the malware hijacks their PC and makes them pay to even access the internet again.
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