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Re: Google Fiber and oversubscribing

I think it is good to consider the technical implications of this, but I think the long term plans for Google's business model are not focused on cost of xyz pipes, connected to abc subscribers. Their motivations are around driving to allow more content that they can index and manage with a better network to provide it. While cost of the network is certainly a consideration, the difference for Google is that they will have the offset of content via advertising that TWC/Comcast, VZ, ATT, etc. have issues with. While TWC can make some money from cable advertising and such, Google gets paid for access to content that is interesting and valued by people...not what some corporations get worked out via Nielsen ratings and such.

I think Google is going to be much more likely to provide redundant connections with larger available bandwidth and distribute load better than most/maybe all other providers out there...simply because their business model is different fundamentally. Therefore some comparisons, while warranted, are not going to work out the same as our previous experience. Ultimately when they start killing the competition, the competition will inevitably improve. Honestly I don't think Google really has it in mind to completely overtake all providers in the US, just put everyone on edge to improve bandwidth so they (Google) can make more money on content, IMO.