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reply to elitefx

Re: Bell now giving unlimited usage

said by elitefx:

What a joke. Bell 25/10= $57.95 base price + $30.00 unlimited= $87.95 + 13% tax= $99.38/month.

Sell the house. Sell the car. Put your kids into foster care and GIVE ALL YOUR MONEY TO YOUR LOCAL ISP.

This is Bell trying to get their own customers back. Those who have TV/Phone but no internet with them. They know they won't win over people who just want internet service.

Teksavvy offers 28/1 for $61.25.

Bell is offering 25/10 for $67.95 to those with phone/TV and $77.95 for those with one service. If I had two Bell services I would gladly pay $67.95 for 10x the upload speed, one service.. probably not.

I do currently have three services with Rogers (cell, tv, phone) and if they introduced a plan with similar speeds, pricing and unlimited I would without a doubt switch to them.